Celebrating Seasonal Events in ‘Elder Scrolls Online’

Elder Scrolls Online is such a good game for me. I won’t say its perfect, but man I love it and the surrounding community. All of the game’s controversies and cool happenings have lead the game to evolve to the point of feeling nothing like any other MMO on the market. I have a particular love of the game’s strong economic systems, which were at their best in the mid-2018 Summerset expansion. Things for the game are definitely looking upwards with the soon-to-happen launch of the Murkmire DLC and the already-happening Witches Festival seasonal event.

Witches Festival offers two weeks of Halloween themed tomfoolery and loot. Make sure you get your daily event ticket in any Dremora Plunder Skull drop to work towards getting a fancy new Indrik mount! Read the official blog post on how the Witches Festival works for more information on things like the experience boost, free crafting mats, and outfit motifs!

Aside from Witches Festival, Zenimax Online Studios has three more events scheduled to happen before 2019, including a Clockwork City celebration and the New Life Festival. Read on the official blog about how every holiday gives you chances for Event Tickets to get that Indrik Mount I mentioned!

I’m glad to see ESO offering more cosmetic options through means other than Crown Crates. The game’s focus on so many beautiful player armors and mounts and pets through spending real money leaves me conflicted. I like that the developers keep the appearance related stuff to the Crown Crates, but I feel they get close to crossing the line sometimes. I want to continue supporting this game and the excellent community clinging to it, but I worry we may be supporting something that’s negatively affecting the games industry.

Sam loves to write about indie games, MMOs, and the occasional TV show. If you liked this bit of writing please let him know through Twitter. It means a lot!

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