Popcannibal’s ‘Kind Words’ is exactly what the doctor ordered

Popcannibal’s Kind Words (lofi chill beats to write to) is a beautiful project that renews my faith in the indie game community. First released in the Humble Monthly Bundle under the Humble Original program, Kind Words is an experimental game that encourages its community to work together. The game isn’t something that will give an adrenaline rush, but hopefully will help to make its players chill and happy.

Kind Words is fairly simple mechanically, with a lot of charm in its execution. The player can write distress requests where they’ll talk about a problem they’re having and could use peer support with, or they can choose from a sample of distress requests and reply with a message of support. In my couple hours with the game, the messages were almost entirely on topic, which demonstrates Popcannibal’s moderation team is on point.

The only mildly problematic part of the game’s design comes from its sticker system. The way this works is each player is assigned a random first sticker on installing the game, and players can gift them to each other at the end of messages. There are a limited number of stickers, but some seem rarer than the others. The reason this is a bit of an issue is that I saw distress messages from people just asking for specific stickers. I expect this problem will get worse when the game launches on Steam, especially if it has achievements around the stickers.

I really love Kind Words. It is exactly what I always hope for when subscribing to the Humble Monthly bundle, and is the high level of quality I have come to expect from Popcannibal.

Kind Words will launch on Steam on September 12th.

Readers interested in subscribing to Humble Monthly are welcome to use my referral code here. It’s appreciated!

Sam has been writing about indie games since 2011 and always welcomes feedback on Twitter. He has covered Popcannibals games for previous writing gigs, even meeting the developers back in 2013.

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