‘Crossy Road Castle’ Review

Crossy Road Castle, or Crossy Castle as it sometimes calls itself, is a new release on Apple Arcade as of late February 2020. Created by the developers of the extremely popular and particularly addicting mobile game Crossy Road, I shouldn’t be so very surprised by Crossy Castle’s high quality.

Crossy Castle is a platformer with tight and responsive controls that feel good to use with the touchscreen. The incredible feat of designing a great touchscreen control scheme for a fast-moving platformer is enough to win me, but Crossy Castle continues to be classy and refined.

Levels are designed simply enough, as each one can usually be rushed through in seconds. The appeal here is stamina, asking players how long they can continue progressing through the series of endless levels without making any mistakes. Players who have invested a fair amount of time will begin seeing repeats of all the different types of rooms of the castle and will begin learning to race through them unchallenged.

Crossy Road Castle does have multiplayer, but as of writing it can only be done over local screens and WiFi. There are global leaderboards though, which are always fun for seeing how well we did against others.

Like developer Hipster Whale’s previous games in the Crossy Road franchise, there are a lot of customization options here. A bunch of characters to choose from, with more to unlock, and a huge amount of different types of hats that can be purchased with the collectible coins found lying around each level.

It is easy for me to say Crossy Road Castle is a great addition to the Apple Arcade library. It’s a fun, easy-going, smooth experience that I think a lot of people will be enjoying for a long time. I think the biggest thing Hipster Whale has left to do is to continue adding new room types for players to explore and conquer. I’m looking forward to seeing this game get the good attention it deserves.

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