‘Forza Street’ Is the Kind of Not-Game that Should Be Banned

‘Forza Street’ is a new spinoff for iOS and Android, from a series known for immersive driving, detailed car simulating, and excellent world design. Forza Street is completely ridiculous because it super simplifies all of that and loads it onto an on-rails racing game for mobile devices. Then you add in extortionate lootbox style slot machine mechanics and there is definitely potential to Forza Street. Unfortunately, that potential seems more aimed in the direction to harm its players than give them a quality experience.

The biggest issue I think anyone would have with Forza Street is that this is a racing game with very minimum interaction during the racing. We have two buttons to press and hold whenever we want, right. The left button is for Boost Speed, which exists on a timer to affect how often we can use it. The right button is Drift – as we are driven around each route, players will occasionally see a yellow line in the road. They can shout at their driver “drift” by pressing the Drift button to make efficient turns and win races better. This is the ONLY way we interact with each race. Drift and Boost, and that’s all folks.

The worst part of the racing? If your car has good enough stats, you can auto-race and just skip each race. What’s even the point of this game, again But reader – Please do not worry, the game has much more interactive mechanics. After all this is a free to play mobile game filled to the brim with microtransactions and lootboxes. You’ve got cars to collect!

It seems to me that the main endgame goal as of now is to reach the leaderboards in the Rivals player vs player mode. The way this works is each day every player can try their hand at racing against the AI versions of random other players. They can only race once per day, per car though. So if a player has thirty unique cars, chances are they will score MUCH higher than a player with only four unique cars. This is already pay to win, as anyone can just go and buy a hundred cars in the game’s shop if they wanted. But it gets worse when you realize that when players get duplicate cars, their stats go up – making them even more unbeatable. If you want to go and win Forza Street, feel free to spend a bunch of money, friends, the developers will probably thank you.

Sam is an indie game blogger who has been covering games for like, practically a decade? Jeez that’s such a long time. Follow him and tell him your thoughts on this article on Twitter!

Note – This is a pretty dang negative review from me. I usually avoid these sorts of harsh reviews. I honestly feel guilty about writing it. But loot boxes really grind my gears, as they really are so-dang-toxic for the industry and honestly, no good for anyone. Stay tuned for my next review where I’ll be happy and positive again, I hope!


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