Have a Rad Summer in the New ‘Hot Lava’ Update

Game developer Klei released Hot Lava as a launch window title for Apple Arcade back in autumn 2019. My impression of its launch is that it did well enough, impressing users with its inventive visuals, solid platforming, and bizarre cutscenes.

The game definitely struggled with performance on a number of devices, often lagging through its larger levels in the early months of its launch. To the developer’s credit, however, they have kicked some serious butt updating and refining Hot Lava into a much more enjoyable experience.

When I booted up Hot Lava most recently I found the Summer 2020 Update had been released. This update added a whole new world to explore – the beach of Sunshine Shore! There we’ll be avoiding touching the burning sand, by jumping across beach towels, umbrellas, sand castles, and more. There are six new races to run, each with only one Star to collect. Klei also seem to have added new accessories to collect, as I found a Bikini trinket almost immediately.

Hot Lava is a heckuva blast to play if I have an Xbox controller handy to plug in via Bluetooth, and while the touch/gyro controls have certainly improved, I still struggle with them personally. Hot Lava definitely gets a recommendation to “Play the Dang Thing” from me. You can buy it on Steam or play it on Apple Arcade.

Have you played the dang thing and want to tell Sam about it? Or maybe you want to talk about your indie game? Give Sam a shout on Twitter!

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