‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Time’ VR Review

Doctor Who is a great television series with a consistent record of releasing mediocre videogame adaptations. There were the Doctor Who Adventure Games for the 11th Doctor, the LEGO Dimensions level kit for the 12th Doctor, and now Edge of Time for the 13th Doctor – all were voice acted by their original cast from the TV show.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a Virtual Reality game from developer Maze Theory. I literally didn’t’ know it existed until it caught my eye while browsing Viveport Infinity. I’m kind of disappointed I haven’t heard anything about this game, because it’s definitely worth some conversation. Like “Why are invisible walls still a thing?” or “How great is Jodie Whitaker as The Doctor?”

Jodie Whitaker and the rest of the cast do a great job with the story of the game. When things are going smoothly in Doctor Who: Edge of Time, the experience feels like a Doctor Who episode should – it is  quirky suspenseful cheesy science fiction. Unfortunately, the game has a lot of mechanical issues that I would have to put a lot of effort into overlooking to recommend this game.

There are invisible walls everywhere blocking off players from wandering too far, and this really stresses me out. Another thing is our first experience in the TARDIS, where we must use the controls to progress in the story. The time ship’s controls are all knobs and wheels and levers, so you would think they’d work really well in VR? Sure would, if this was an actual polished and well-designed videogame, instead of the cash in the developers tried to make it. I literally couldn’t get past the TARDIS sequence because I couldn’t turn the knobs or wheels in the exactly perfect way the game wanted me to.

It’s really a shame, because I loved the small bit of the story I did get to see. The atmosphere was great, and obviously the voice acting was top-notch. I suppose I’ll be watching the rest of Edge of Time on YouTube, because I do want to see the rest of the Edge of Time.

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