‘Psychonauts: Rhombus of Ruin’ VR Review

Homies let me tell you, the original Psychonauts was my jam. It was vibrantly colorful with its artstyle and unique characters and always had a fun twist on That Cliche You Were Expecting. So when I heard about Psychonauts: Rhombus of Ruin, I was hella excited for the eventual day I’d get a VR system. Well that day finally came, and BOY I’ve got some thoughts.

Rhombus of Ruin is kind of mediocre on all fronts. As a point and click adventure, the puzzles are pretty basic and boring, while also not telling you exactly what to look for – after all they want you to look around with your VR headset to find clues. But this vagueness lead me to getting bored with the game a lot faster than I’d have liked.

Mind that Rhombus of Ruin is a pretty basic VR game – most things are controlled by where the player is looking with the headset. The game can be played with a gamepad or VR motion controllers. I’d definitely believe it would be an easy “beginner VR game” for most people, assuming they were fans of the original Psychonauts game.

Dang it’s great seeing Raz and his friends (and Coach) again! I’m really hoping DoubleFine does another game like this in the future, because I really have enjoyed its storytelling and aesthetics, even if mechanically it’s a bit boring.
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