‘Fujii’ VR Review

I just played Fujii for Oculus Rift S and my goodness I loved it. Funktronic Labs have created this beautiful adventure through a series of different islands with totally different ecosystems. It’s musically brilliant as well, everything reacts to what we touch or move near, creating a beautiful organic feeling soundtrack – like a walk through some very musically inclined forest. It doesn’t take long to realize how dang attractive the game is either, with levels starting off practically in darkness, with light rippling from the player character, giving glimpses of the levels ahead. We make your way through each island by playing with the plants and animals on the paths forward, unlocking more nonlinear paths as we progress. Some will lead back to the start point, some will lead to the seeds we are supposed to collect. It will always be a very pretty trip.

Once you have a collection of seeds from an island, you can head back to your house and plant your garden. It’s pretty simple farming mechanic here – seeds will grow over time to eventually give pollen orbs, which are used to buy new seeds or access to new levels. I found it easy to just hold on to a ton of orbs found in the islands and not use them on optional seed unlocks, and then save them to unlock new levels. The point is that the farming mechanic is basic, not requiring much thought, so there’s not much of an economy there. But I really appreciate the garden as a nice touch to the game, as I love being able to see my plants grow and get actual rewards from them in the game.

Fujii really was a perfect surprise for me when I played it at 1am not knowing anything about it. It was cute with engaging visuals and music and I liked the simplistic gameplay where we’re just waking up this sleepy world full of peaceful animals and flowers. I can easily recommend trying this game for those with access to it through Viveport Infinity like I had, or if you find it for an acceptable price. Just mind that Fujii is only a couple hours long without a ton of replay value.

Oh! Did I mention the crabs? If you pick up crabs on the beach level, dropping them they are set rightside up, no matter which way you’re holding them. Always nice to be kind to the little crabbies!

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