‘Necro Mutex’ Combines B-Movies with Old Arcade Classics into VR Awesomeness

Necro Mutex by game developer Denormalizer feels like it has been unfairly overlooked by just about everyone. As of writing, the game only has twenty-one reviews on Steam. I’ve seen overpriced lootbox micro-DLCs with more happy players than that! It’s a shame, because Necro Mutex is something truly special when it builds itself up.

This game looks ridiculous and I mean that in such a good way. The enemies look like they’re ripped out of an old B-Movie set warehouse and just told “Kill!” and they’re doing their dang best, even the little vaccuum cleaner robots and the floating eyes, and gosh dangit I love this game’s visual style. The levels do get a bit trite after playing for a while, but I won’t hold it against the developer because they do feel like good alien spaceships or whatever the plot is trying to tell me these things are.

Necro Mutex is a game that thrives on the players want to improve. It uses a permanent upgrade system, where we try to earn points by getting through levels at maximum speed and carnage. The currency we earn is spent on new guns and passive skills, things like “this gun will do 2% more damage on headshots” or whatever suits the players style. While we start weak, older levels become much easier to just burn through.

I do feel like the controls in VR are a bit tricky to figure out, despite how much I love what I’ve played. Turning is a bit difficult, and the menu doesn’t really explain the difference between the different rotation settings. Fortunately though, there are multiple rotation and movement settings.

I am definitely going to recommend Necro Mutex on Steam! A friend gifted it to me on a hunch I might enjoy it during the last Steam Summer Sale when it was very, very cheap. So thank you friend!

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