‘The Room VR: A Dark Matter’ Review

The Room VR A Dark Matter from Fireproof Games is one of the top virtual reality games available. That isn’t me being controversial, it’s a fact – A Dark Matter is one of the only VR games on Steam rated Overwhelmingly Positive by users. There is good reason for this widespread approval of the game, because dangitall this game was great.

Starting things off, The Room A Dark Matter is one of very few franchises with name recognition from the broad mobile gaming industry that has made their way into the VR scene. And they’re the only one (so far) to capture both the spirit of their game series, and the intent of virtual reality itself.

In A Dark Matter, we are brought through a series of.. well, rooms, each with their own assortments of clues written all over, with puzzle boxes and devices placed at different stations through the area. The goal is simple – solve all the puzzles given until we can move to the next level of the game.

What really interested me was that while the spaces we were exploring were often intelligently and beautifully decorated, we could only stand at specific stations where we could interact with the puzzles. This worked wonders to reduce confusion of wandering around mindlessly, and also I’m sure did a lot to optimize the game to work with less bugs or mechanical annoyances. Fireproof Games even went so far to remove inactive stations once they were obsolete to the rest of the level. It’s this type of fat-trimming that feels like the work of an expert craftsperson in  a way I wouldn’t have expected.

My favorite part of the game is that I never had to use a guide to look up solutions online. The game was fair with its hint system, and obvious enough with its puzzles that eventually I was always able to solve them myself. My favorite moment came in the third level, inside a church. I spent quite a long time fixing an old church piano, like, I probably spent twenty minutes fussing with the puzzle and not understanding the clues given. Finally it was fixed, and as I went to play it it turned out the inside of the piano is a pinball/pachinko machine with keys affecting the falling of the metal balls. It was ridiculous, and fun, and a perfect goofy reward after so much stressing on the puzzles.

While I disagree with most of the common “Must Play VR Games” lists, I can’t argue against The Room VR: A Dark Matter – it was engaging, satisfying, and just a little bit spooky. I’m definitely recommending any VR owners that are fans of point and click adventure games, puzzle games, or escape rooms check this one out. I’m really looking forward to seeing any further VR projects from Fireproof Games, as they’ve absolutely earned my respect.

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