Elder Scrolls Online Releases ‘Markarth’ Update

Elder Scrolls Online is probably my favorite MMORPG of all time. I play it almost every day with the many great friends I’ve made through spending time in this game. And there’s a big new chunk of content out today, as the Markarth DLC is out!

Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth story brings players to a region familiar to those who played much of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – specifically, the city of Markarth and its surrounding area. Players will also explore the newly discovevred region of Blackreach that is underfoot. The DLC will conclude the section of stories that the game began telling through its new DLCs last spring. There are a variety of other features added in the new DLC, like an intense set of solo player challenges, new collectibles, and various updates for endgame players.

Zenimax Online Studios, the game’s developer, did a great job with the Greymoor expansion. There were two zones that were both huge and fun to explore, with tons to find and talk about. There were practically a zillion collectibles added, and many of them were either very cool or helped me secure a nice profit, or both! And of course, the story was super interesting with plenty of twists and turns in ways that I’m really looking forward to seeing concluded in Markarth.

The city of Markarth was my favorite place in Elder Scrolls V. It was interesting to look at, and the stories there were different, because of the changes in culture with the Reachman vs the Nords. I am really hoping ZOS pulls off a good DLC with this one, because there’s so much dang potential here.

Since Markarth is a DLC and not a “Chapter” like Greymoor is, it is available through either direct purchase on the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store; or it can be played with all other DLCs by maintaining an ESO+ subscription.

Sam loves talking about indie games, of course, but is trying to expand his writing capabilities & portfolio. If you have constructive criticism to share about his wordskills, or want to talk about some indie games, please reach out on Twitter!

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