‘Horror Bar VR’ Review

Horror Bar VR is a delightfully ridiculous bartending type game. No other game has been able to pull off telling us to make a cocktail of blood and acid, garnished with a human nose, with such great humor and commitment to maintaining its core mechanics.

There have been quite a few of these meal prep style games on the market in the past few years and they have been growing in popularity, especially in the VR scene. Horror Bar VR follows the mechanical rules of the food preparation genre, setting you behind a bar with tight walls around you that are filled with food and cookery tools. The twist is that every single object is themed around a Halloween’sy zombie party – you’ve got fresh hearts and other organs in the fridge, rat corpses in the freezer, and your liquor bar is stocked with acid, blood, and spirits. I’m pretty sure that last one isn’t referring to the alcohol, but who knows.

So yeah, this game is a good bit gross. If you can handle that, I’ve got good news for you – it plays great. The controls were responsive and it was easy to adjust height and recenter everything. It does seem like the sort of game that does better if one is able to stand for it, but I was able to try it sitting in stationary mode on my Oculus Quest 2 completely fine.

One thing I did not appreciate about Horror Bar is that you either play in Sandbox, or you play Campaign. This translates to “Everything is available with no goals” in sandbox, or in campaign you had to unlock recipes one by one. The problem with that is to unlock the next recipe you have to serve a certain number of customers, so it feels fatiguing to try unlocking more than a couple at a time.

One slightly weird thing Horror Bar VR did was for the Christmas season of 2020, they redecorated the bar to be Christmas themed? This meant some of the customers were wearing Santa costumes, and there were extra small touches around the bar. It was really cute! I’m not entirely sure if there was a way to turn the Christmas mode off or not.

I totally recommend checking out this game. Horror Bar VR is committed to its unique, (disgusting,) and entertaining spin on the popular meal prep genre. It’s cute in a gross and ridiculous way, but I love it. I played the game through Viveport Infinity, or readers can also buy it on Steam.

All of yous can reach Sam on Twitter! He also has a Steam Curator page that he’d love to get some more followers on! Any little bit helps.


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