‘The Line’ VR Review – The Puppets of São Paulo Help Us Fall in Love (with VR)

The Line is a short VR app that received a lot of acclaim in 2019 for being a well put-together experience for newcomers to virtual reality. It really isn’t surprising that so many people were in awe of The Line, as it has this certain magical quality to its narration and presentation.

We are told a short story of miniature puppets living in a toy train city, the sort people spend years working on refining and decorating. The story we are given is awfully cute and it’s fairly memorable, despite the fact it can be completed in less than twenty minutes.

I feel like Brazilian developer Arvore Immersive have really pinpointed a truly good ‘first time VR experience’ with The Line. It’s short, cute, memorable, and the VR aspects are almost entirely based on your personal movement instead more complicated things like over utilizing the controller.

There is a Room Scale mode, and a Seated Mode, as well as subtitles support. I do have a minor complaint that subtitles are a little bit in your face and tend to block some details of the stage. There is no way to adjust any specific details on the subtitles or graphics. Fortunately the game seems like it would run pretty well on anything capable of running VR at its most basic level, so there shouldn’t be too many problems there.

I really enjoyed my playthrough of The Line, and definitely am looking forward to showing The Line to some VR newbs, given the opportunity. The puppets were just so dang cute!

Steam Link to purchase The Line. As of April 2021, The Line is on Viveport Infinity as well.

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