Trailer Released for Upcoming Shooter ‘Skin Deep’ by Blendo Games

Skin Deep is an upcoming shooter from Blendo Games described as an “immersive first-person shooter” with an increasing amount of complexities. The player controls a human in charge of protecting seven astro-cats on their ship as they are invaded by space pirates.

Things will get weird when the game introduces hurdles in the players way, like allergies that cause their character to sneeze, or taking away their shoes and making them walk on broken glass. Please mind that I haven’t played Skin Deep yet, so all my hype is based on footage from the trailer and the developers’ past games.

Blendo Games are partially responsible for my love of indie games. There, the truth is out in the open. Their award-winning game Thirty Flights of Loving managed to perfectly capture something in what I enjoy about the narrative exploration game genre. I’d even go so far to say the game helped me realize how much I love reviewing walking sims and adventure games. I really do owe a great deal of thanks to Blendo for that.

It’s because of this nostalgia, mixed with Blendo Games’ undeniable penchant for stylish game design that I’m so excited for their next upcoming game, as it was recently announced.

This time around Blendo have partnered with game publisher Annapurna Interactive. You may know them as the people behind so many excellent indie games, like, Sayonora Wild Hearts, Outer Wilds, and The Pathless. Cats and space pirates in a first person immersive sim packaged together by Blendo Games and Annapurna Interactive; Skin Deep basically has to be a recipe for success, am I right?

The release date of Skin Deep has not yet been announced; but interested readers can follow Blendo Games’ development stream on Twitch, and can sure as heck Wishlist the game on Steam.

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