Steam NextFest October 2021 – More Please!

Following up from its predecessor last June, Steam has launched another NextFest to celebrate the beginning of this autumn. Running from October 1st through October 7th and featuring hundreds of upcoming indie games, it’s a really impressive undertaking so soon after the last event. I wonder (And honestly, very much hope) if these are meant to happen every season from now on?

Plenty of games to talk about here! While I’m sure there are many titles I haven’t even seen, as follows is a list of some of the games that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

Who’s Lila? by Garage Heathen

A reverse-adventure game where we control the characters’ actions through the expressions on their faces.

Next Space Rebels by Studio Floris Kaayk – Published by Humble Games

Get into the hobby of building and launching rockets to space and follow this game’s story about the path to greatness through reinvention.

Puppet Play VR by Unechte Sachen

Put on your own puppet show with your own two hands in VR with this toolset.

A Musical Story by Glee-Cheese Studio, published by Digerati

Uncover memories through 70s rock styled music in this rhythm based adventure.

Strange Horticulture by Bad Viking, published by Iceberg Interactive

Find and identify strange plants to uncover a town’s mystery.


Steam’s “Play What’s Next” Festival Showcases TONS of demos for upcoming indie games WE CAN’T WAIT FOR!

Ah! I love these festivals so much! I love the focus on the huge variety of indie games that Steam has to offer. And the game selling platform just keeps putting more work into making the festivals accessible for players to find games, and profitable for developers. Steam just launched a new festival called “Play What’s Next” with a ton of game demos. We’re hype!

It’s just so exciting seeing all these games that are coming soon with playable demos. The festival will be lasting from February 03rd to 09th, though it’s unclear to me which demos will stay on Steam?

I’ll be trying to write short reviews of the demos I play through Instagram and Twitter over the next week, with a full roundup posted here sometime after the end of the festival. Stay tuned!