‘Bohemian Killing’ Review

Bohemian Killing is a first person narrative adventure that tells the story of a murderer. More specifically, the game tells the story of a murderer telling his story about whether or not he killed someone. The Moonwalls, developers of this short and sweet walking sim, did a good job framing the systems of Bohemian Killing but fell short when it came to storytelling.

The narrative in Bohemian Killing is centered around its protagonist Ethon giving his testimony about the night of a murder. The way this works is through a walking sim in the style of Gone Home, except every interaction with items and people in the world will be included in your testimony. This means if we the players go straight from the starting point to Ethon’s apartment and right to bed, the courtroom will let out a collective sigh and send us straight to prison.

The Moonwalls boast nine different endings to the story of Bohemian Killing, each of which is unlocked by assembling evidence and testimony in a way that will give Ethon a cohesive story in his trial. My biggest issue with the game is that most of these endings feel the same. Sure you had some different monologue from Ethon along the way, but so much of it is the same that I wasn’t compelled to continue to unlock the final few endings. Maybe if there had been more energy in the interactions between Ethon and the judge I would have appreciated the voice acting more. How hard is it to build up a “You can’t handle the truth!” scene anyways?

I do recommend Bohemian Killing to fans of the walking sim genre, but only for those that don’t mind going through the same scenes, visuals, and narration multiple times.

Interested readers can check out the game on Steam for $12.99


Sam Adonis is a freelance writer who has previously been featured on IndieGamerTeam, IndieGameMag, and Indie-Love. You can reach out to him on Twitter @IndieSamAdonis