Why Does ‘Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus’ Need So Many Collectibles?

I’ve been playing Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus the past few days. It’s a pretty competent shooter, I’m definitely enjoying it. Mind you, this is after I reduced the difficulty to the easiest setting just so I could get through the earlier levels. But I’m not here for a full review, so I’m not worried about my poor skills getting in the way of my enjoyment or understanding of the game. I am, however, concerned about a bit of weirdness I’ve been noticing in my playthrough.

Every time I’ve properly explored a level, I’ve found the areas littered with things to find. But the thing is, I kept finding more different types of collectibles, from gold bars to enigma codes, to readable snippets of news. So of course, I checked out some online guides to see just how much there was to collect. And looking at the results, I’m a bit confused, because holy hell there is a lot to find.

There are eight different types of collectibles scattered through the game. Some will give ingame benefits, others are things to look at, and then there’s just shiny crap we find on the floor. The types of collectibles we can find in the game are..

  • 20 Upgrade Kits.
  • 50 pieces of Concept Art.
  • 75 Star Cards.
  • 15 Toys.
  • 10 Records.
  • 50 Gold Bars.
  • So many Newspaper Clippings there isn’t even an achievement for finding them all.
  • Too Many Enigma Codes. Seriously, they even respawn every mission reattempt, and you can actually lose them if you don’t invest them wisely.

So my question, is why the hell did Machine Games feel compelled to fill their game with shallow reasons to revisit levels? It makes me really sad, because New Colossus really should be able to stand up on its own without overcompensating. This feels like an attempt to suit the players who would complain about not having a thirty hour experience. To be fair, I’m probably being a hypocrite about this sort of  gimmicky game style, especially after spending so many damn hours in MMOs collecting various mounts and achievements.

Personally I think collectibles should be kept to games where the player is able to revisit their locations without playing through the same exact sequence of events again. So please, developers, keep your assorted bullshit items to sandboxes, MMOs, and metroidvanias.

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