‘General Horse and the Package of Doom’ Looks Like the Ridiculous FMV Game I Really Need

General Horse and the Package of Doom is a game coming soon to Steam that I am super excited for. I am seriously expecting myself to be talking about this game for months among friends and colleagues, if it delivers on the promises the developers are making in this insane trailer.

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‘General Horse and the Package of Doom’ is a Bizarre Upcoming Adventure

Croatian based game developer Studio Spektar seem to be making a name for themselves in the indie adventure scene with a unique sense of humor that toes the line between bizarre and rude. First they earned my seal of approval over at IndieGamerTeam with their cartoonish “Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure“, and now have piqued my interest with the recently posted trailer for their next game, General Horse and the Package of Doom.

The trailer embedded above shows us that General Horse is a 90s styled FMV adventure game. But after watching through the scenes a few times, I now understand that the game is intended to be an Oregon Trail styled experience, complete with resource management and some roleplaying elements.

I worry that a lot of people will dismiss General Horse and the Package of Doom because the props and scenery look like they were quickly assembled from random junk laying around the house. The thing to remember is Viktor Steampunk Adventure also had a simple art design, one reminiscent of a cheaply made animation series for young children. But here’s the thing – it managed to be both consistent in style and keep surprising me as I played through it. So maybe they know what they’re doing?


While the trailer comes off as an abrasively silly homemade video, I am excited to see just how well Studio Spektar pull off their sense of humor in this sci-fi roadtrip adventure. The devs will be launching an IndieGoGo within the week that interested readers can look out for on this page or through Studio Spektar’s Twitter.

Update: Studio Spektar has launched their IndieGoGo for General Horse and the Package of Doom on this page. They are attempting to raise $3000 USD within the next month to help fund their game development.

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