‘Necro Mutex’ Combines B-Movies with Old Arcade Classics into VR Awesomeness

Necro Mutex by game developer Denormalizer feels like it has been unfairly overlooked by just about everyone. As of writing, the game only has twenty-one reviews on Steam. I’ve seen overpriced lootbox micro-DLCs with more happy players than that! It’s a shame, because Necro Mutex is something truly special when it builds itself up.

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‘Fujii’ VR Review

I just played Fujii for Oculus Rift S and my goodness I loved it. Funktronic Labs have created this beautiful adventure through a series of different islands with totally different ecosystems. It’s musically brilliant as well, everything reacts to what we touch or move near, creating a beautiful organic feeling soundtrack – like a walk through some very musically inclined forest. It doesn’t take long to realize how dang attractive the game is either, with levels starting off practically in darkness, with light rippling from the player character, giving glimpses of the levels ahead. We make your way through each island by playing with the plants and animals on the paths forward, unlocking more nonlinear paths as we progress. Some will lead back to the start point, some will lead to the seeds we are supposed to collect. It will always be a very pretty trip.

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‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Time’ VR Review

Doctor Who is a great television series with a consistent record of releasing mediocre videogame adaptations. There were the Doctor Who Adventure Games for the 11th Doctor, the LEGO Dimensions level kit for the 12th Doctor, and now Edge of Time for the 13th Doctor – all were voice acted by their original cast from the TV show.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a Virtual Reality game from developer Maze Theory. I literally didn’t’ know it existed until it caught my eye while browsing Viveport Infinity. I’m kind of disappointed I haven’t heard anything about this game, because it’s definitely worth some conversation. Like “Why are invisible walls still a thing?” or “How great is Jodie Whitaker as The Doctor?”

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