‘Snake Pass’ Review

If Snake Pass was just ten percent easier to control, it would have gone down in 3d platformer history as an instant classic. It’s unfortunate that in my time with Snake Pass I never quite got over some of the movement controls due to a combination of a tricky camera system and a steep difficulty curve. I never really figured out how to efficiently move through the levels. I had the most difficulty when climbing ladders, especially when trying to use the grip button.

Ignoring my frustrations with the platforming, the game really does a lot to impress me with its lovingly crafted worlds filled with detail and personality. I pray that some day there is a Snake Pass 2 that can rectify some of the base issues with the game’s vertical movements. Sumo Digital took a helluva risk by putting such a strange control scheme front and center in their game, and should be commended for the bold move. I think Snake Pass might be enjoyable to those who continue to play things like the first Banjo Kazooie, because at least those people enjoy stupid camera anglers and finicky controls. I won’t be recommending Snake Pass on Steam.

This review is part of Sam’s self-imposed backlog challenge. Rules are simple, he must play a game in his stupidly huge backlog for a while, and write a short review on it. How many can Sam review in August?!

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