‘The Hex’ Review

The Hex is the sort of game that pulls me in to confound and amaze me. It’s this weird little mashup of genres that is the newest labor of love developed by Daniel Mullins Games, creator of Pony Island. To describe the Hex in detail would spoil many of the exciting twists and turns the game takes, so I apologize to readers for not going into in this review. Spoilers, the game is a tightly designed and enjoyable experience.

The Hex is a series of short stories; for each main character there is a game genre that is explored and commented on. As the narrative progresses, we go into different worlds to play short segments in different playstyles. One world is a platformer, another is a turn-based RPG. It’s impressive that scenes in The Hex can be so massively different in playstyle and tone from each other, but always recognizable as consistent to the full game’s aesthetics.

I found the dialog writing to be relatively unimpressive, as a comedy it felt inspired by Rick & Morty at times and would sometimes get a slight chuckle out of me. Mediocre humor aside, the main story and its twists and turns were certainly intriguing enough that I was compelled to see much of the story in the game. What is so impressive to me about the game is that it received such a strong following that fans spent months to find a secret ending that was hidden in another tiny Steam game altogether.

It would be a mistake to dismiss this game after looking at its bobbleheady art and initial gameplay. It would be a mistake to stop playing this game before getting to the end and seeing all its mechanical and story twists and turns. Heck I think it would be a waste to stop playing this game before seeing the secret ending that forum users spent months working towards.

Readers can buy The Hex on Steam.

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