‘The Haunted Graveyard’ (VR) Review

The Haunted Graveyard is a short walking-only VR experience that will leave players feeling creeped out or mesmerized by its delightfully kooky characters and Disneyworld’ish dark-ride style presentation.

The Haunted Graveyard was so cute! We walk through a series of scenes of graveyards with creepy ghosts and tombstones as we are guided by three adorabley dark characters, each voice acted and motion captured. The characters are funny and memorable, I was left wanting to interact with them more.

I was pretty impressed that this 15 minute long experience kept me consistently entertained, but didn’t have any loading screens after its initial startup. While I’m aware it’s not amazing new technology or anything, I did enjoy the fact the mocapped characters were able to make eye contact with me as I moved my head around and they kept talking.

Haunted Graveyard does not have subtitles, however, which would normally seriously detract from my score of the game if it had cost more than $3 on sale, or if took longer than 15 minutes to play through. But since Haunted Graveyard was such a delight to creep my way through, I’m definitely recommending Haunted Graveyard VR on Steam– especially on sale.


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