Innerspace VR Announces ‘Maskmaker’

Innerspace VR has already won my respect with their previous game, a Fisherman’s Tale. It was a really cute puzzle game that grew more weird and trippy as players went further into the story. It was from the street cred from their last game that I’m so confident I’ll enjoy their next game, Maskmaker. My first move after reading about its announcement was literally to add it to my Steam wishlist.

Maskmaker looks to out-do its predecessor in weirdness, bringing the player on “A story of apprenticeship and power mixed with spell-binding twists.” Well I’m certainly excited to see what they VR oddness they can come up with! We can all go wishlist Maskmaker on Steam, and read more about it on the game’s website before the game’s planned Spring 2021 release.

Sam has been writing about indie games on and off and on again since 2011. He’d love to hear about YOUR indie game on Twitter!


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