‘Arcanbreak’ Review

Arcanbreak is an enjoyable little game that introduces some clever point and click adventure design and teases a much larger world than what we get to play. One full playthrough of Arcanbreak took just over an hour of my afternoon, and I must say that I really wish for more.

The developers impressed me with some clever puzzle design that I would love to see implemented in more point and click adventures. The game features two playable characters we can switch between, which is interesting and I’m sure it was a challenge to program, but I feel like it would have been better if characters were switched for us at specific moments in the plot. This is because the characters have different observations on things in the world, which could be really cool and engaging in a bigger, more realized game. Unfortunately, in Arcanbreak it felt like the female character, Quila, didn’t have many detective skills as she was designed for mobility – yet there wasn’t much demand for her talents. Heck, I would have missed out on my favorite moment of the game if I played through one scene of Arcanbreak as Quila instead of the more investigative Arun.

My experience playing through Arcanbreak was a smooth one. I am happy to have invested the time into checking out this indie title; it was a fun time learning a bit about this world and experiencing the potential of the game’s developer, Kisuarts. There were lore books scattered throughout the main areas of the game that we could read to learn more about the magiks and mythologies of the world Kisuarts have created. They are working on a sequel game called “For Evelyn” that will continue the story of the world here. Whether For Evelyn is any longer than Arcanbreak is yet to be seen or announced.

Arcanbreak is the sort of thing that could be taken as either a pilot entry to a new franchise, or as a self-contained product should For Evelyn not work out. Personally, I’d love to see Kisuarts working on more adventure games in this style, so I’d be very happy if they could pump out a whole series of these. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing what comes next from this team.

In summary, Arcanbreak is a short (under two hours long) adventure game set in a fantasy world. There are 12 Steam achievements – all easily unlockable through two separate playthroughs if one pays close attention for collectibles.

Buy Arcanbreak on Steam.

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